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"The nervous system controls and coordinates all of the organs and structures of the human body.”

— Grays Anatomy, Pg. 4


What Should You Expect?
Our evaluation procedures are geared toward detection and correction of the “Vertebral Subluxation” (misaligned vertebra with nerve pressure). The procedures we use are therefore specifically selected for your spine and nervous system health.

After a complete consultation and health history we will perform a physical evaluation.  This will include a complete postural analysis
(both visually and through computerized evaluation), palpation (using our hands to feel your spine and related structures), muscle tests (comparing the strength and response of muscles from side to side), motion (observing and measuring the ease and range of motion of the body), and other non-invasive procedures.

Depending on a person’s history, age, and evaluation findings, we may perform spinal x-rays.  These will allow us an ability to see the alignment of the spine as well as recognizing the history and adaptations to the subluxation phenomena.

All of these tests allow us to determine the most appropriate technique and approach to help you.  It also gives us a baseline for future tests so we can accurately measure your progress to see how your spine is correcting and your nervous system is functioning.

After complete evaluation and analysis, we will provide you with a report of findings.  This will provide you with clarity of the subluxation process and an ability to choose the type of care that suits your needs.

Most people at Premier Chiropractic opt to engage in corrective care. Some choose to only care for a specific pain or health concern.  We will support you to receive the type of care that you desire for yourself and/or your family.

Premier Chiropractic utilizes the most modern chiropractic analytical, adjustive procedures and equipment available.  We consider subluxations to be a serious threat to the quality and quantity of your health and that of your family. It is therefore imperative that we utilize the most modern, and the well-established time-proven procedures to help you.